Local Salty Country Ham

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Country hams are salt-cured (with or without nitrites) for one to three months. They are usually hardwood smoked (usually hickory and Red Oak), but some types of country ham, such as the "salt-and-pepper ham" of North Carolina, are not smoked.

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  1. demo_wcproducttable

    We’ve followed the cook from Little Nepal’s. We have been team Cuisine of Nepal ever since!! Highly recommend this place. The owner is so friendly and I must say a very hard worker. Pre-Covid, customer service was always on point when we would dine in the restaurant!! Never ate there without the owner giving us wine or Chai on the house!! Kukharaku Ledo combo is hands down my fav dish with some samosas!!! The garlic Naan is amazing too! Love this place so much!!!

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